Embroidery Endeavor

I tried embroidery for the first time when Pretty Prudent hosted another great contest “Use Your Words” Its not hard but very time consuming and kinda hurt my hands. Not a hate but not in love.

Heres the guidelines:

The Contest: You + Words + Needle + Thread = Embroidery Joy. 
Use embroidered text or font anyway you see fit to adorn a fabric item in a creative way. Use letters to create something as short as a monogram or as long as a novel. Embroider by machine or by hand on any item you want, from samplers to bags to sheets to clothes to whatever your crafty mind can dream up. Just make sure you “use your words” somewhere on your project. We will collect all of your droolicious entries and our panel of judges will select a winner!

I went out and bought a huge pack of embroidery floss and did a ton of research on embroidery technique. I made two projects.

The firs,t a kite for my daughters nursery. The words I used are from Mary Poppins, one of my favorite movies as a kid. “Let’s go fly a kite.”


The second project was a set of faux mirrors for my craft room. the center one said “Who’s the craftiest of them all?” I cant find a picture of the end result but when I do I will post it.


They turned out amazing. I didn’t win but it was fun. it turned out to be a definite crafty crush. It was exciting for the duration of the project but this was May 2011 and I haven’t embroidered again. Nope, haven’t picked up a embroidery needle in literally years. Needless to say I didn’t fall for it.


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