Playing Around with Polymer Clay

After an spending the whole of my daughters afternoon nap perusing Etsy I got an itch to try miniature polymer clay foods. Weird itch, eh? Basically I decided “Hey I can do that!” After a very quick craigslist search I found a lady looking to unload a sizable collection of polymer clay and jewelry making tools. $25 sounds reasonable. I met her and its an entire moving box of stuff! I got a pasta maker (for flattening the clay uniformly), lots of molds and cutters, and over $150 worth of clay. Great deal. As soon as I get home I dive right in.

I was pregnant at the time (thus the impulse buying) though I didnt know the sex I had set my mind on a “Cutie Pie” themed shower. I was going to sever various kids of pie and it was going to be adorable. Part of the plan was to serve milk in champagne glasses so for glass markers I wanted to make a variety of pie slices. These are the result:

IMG_1524 IMG_1525IMG_1532IMG_1535

I have to say they were super duper fun. I really enjoyed the medium and learned some fun new techniques. I this this crush could easily turn to love if I could find something useful to do with polymer clay. I dont really care for the polymer jewelry look and what in the world do you do with little clay statutes? I could make tons of wine glass markers but come on I only need so many. Any other suggestions? I got the stuff. What else could I do with it?


BTW I didn’t have the “Cutie Pie” shower of my dreams but I did have a small, adorable “Milk and Cookies’ shower.


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