Polymer Clay Figures

I have been working on several crafts for our upcoming family trip to DISNEY WORLD!!! Yesterday I finished a couple of polymer projects. I wanted to have a few things to give her through the day to make the disney trip special without spending a fortune. Souvenirs are so expensive in the parks. I have lots of other projects but this is what I have finished

Tinkerbell Jar
We are going to do Tinkerbell gifts, an idea I found here on Pinterest. Every night Tinkerbell will come and leave little gifts. The last night we will leave this little jar like we caught her.

Just a jelly jar with polymer clay pieces inside. Tinkerbell on a toadstool surrounded but grass blades. Then I filled the bottom with loose glow in the dark stars. The stars make the jar kinda snow globe-ish. Tinkerbell and her wings also glow! I love how it turned out.

For a little gift after we meet Ariel I made a tiny mermaid. I know she will say “Where is her smile?” But I am truly terrible at faces. She will do.


Stay tuned for more Disney projects!


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