Felt Popsicle Matching Game


Last summer we road tripped from Missouri to Florida and I wanted to make a few busy bag items for my then 2 year old using materials I already had. I saw a similar activity on Pinterest but was inspired to change it up a bit when I saw Silhouettes then ‘Free Shape of the Week”- a popsicle. How fitting for a summer trip. My girl is super smart and knows her colors well but its alway fun to practice.

I started by cutting the Free Shape of the Week and use it as a pattern for my felt Popsicle tops. I made two of each color. I started off blanket stitching the popsicles around the top leaving the bottom open like a pocket for matching the sticks. After stitching a few thought better of my time and ended up using Alena’s fabric glue. (The glue held up amazing. more than a year later these are still in the car for long trips)

For the sticks I simply wrote the color and a color circle for each popsicle on both sides of a tongue depressor.


Look how much fun!felt popsicle color matching


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