Love: Paper Ring Box Bachelorette Party Favor

While back I helped plan a super fun bachelorette party for a high schools friend. You should know by now paper is my favorite medium so I whipped up theses fun paper ring box favors. “Cara’s Final Fling Before the Ring” was the theme.

I cut the box from the Silhouette Shape Store. But because they didn’t have a proper ring box so cut the boos on half one three sides. I left the the back to create a hinge. I created the banner by printing and then cutting with my Silhouette SD a custom made shape. I needed the banner to be super long so I could curl it. I So wish I would have saved the image in Silhouette so I could share! I added a little paper pillow with the ring slit and slid it into place. After the box was constructed, I glued ribbon on and tied a cute bow. Voila!

IMG_1357 IMG_1358IMG_1372

I also made some super amazing, super inappropriate fondant cupcake toppers of the male anatomy. They are so not family friendly so I won’t share though I so badly wish I could!!!



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