Zombie Response Team Vinyl Decal

I made these super fun zombie outbreak response team vinyl decals for my hubby’s jeep. He went on a bit of a Zombie Apocalypse kick there for a while (along with the rest of the world). He sent me this image in a text with a ‘LOL’ and I used Silhouette’s trace tool to cut it out this super durable permanent vinyl (seriously it has endured MO winters and FL summers) with my Silhouette SD.

IMG_1901 I posted it on Facebook and my dad liked it so much he ‘ordered’ one. So I tried out a two toned. His cop buddies at work fell head over heels and I ended up making a whole bunch more! IMG_0028Later, I found out a website makes them and I stopped making them all together. Here is the link if you just have to have them! http://zombieresponseteam.net. 


Felt Popsicle Matching Game


Last summer we road tripped from Missouri to Florida and I wanted to make a few busy bag items for my then 2 year old using materials I already had. I saw a similar activity on Pinterest but was inspired to change it up a bit when I saw Silhouettes then ‘Free Shape of the Week”- a popsicle. How fitting for a summer trip. My girl is super smart and knows her colors well but its alway fun to practice.

I started by cutting the Free Shape of the Week and use it as a pattern for my felt Popsicle tops. I made two of each color. I started off blanket stitching the popsicles around the top leaving the bottom open like a pocket for matching the sticks. After stitching a few thought better of my time and ended up using Alena’s fabric glue. (The glue held up amazing. more than a year later these are still in the car for long trips)

For the sticks I simply wrote the color and a color circle for each popsicle on both sides of a tongue depressor.


Look how much fun!felt popsicle color matching

Color My Summer Contest Entry

Kojo Designs hosted Color My Summer Craft Contest a few summers ago.

These were the guidelines:

The judging criteria:
We are looking for that Aha! factor. As in…
Aha! I wish I thought of that.
Aha! Now, that’s clever.
Aha! I am SOOO making that this summer.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, or require a lot of skill {although it can}. It just needs a lot of creativity and ingenuity. Oh…and a lot of summer. You can interpret that however you like.

The rules:
1. It needs to be a new project. Don’t post it, or any pictures of it, on your blog in any form until after the contest is over. We want the judging to be as fair as possible.

2. The contest begins today, May 2, 2011 and ends Tuesday, May 24, 2011. The project must have been created during that time period. All entries must be submitted by 8 PM MDT on May 24, 2011.

3. Submit a maximum of 3 pictures of your project and a short description to this email address

I had a couple of ideas but only finished one, the One-handed Sarong.


It is so simple to make its kinds funny. There were lots of great entries you can see the top ten here.  I ended up with the first prize, wahooo! I was suppose to do a tutorial for Kojo Designs way back 2 summers ago but found myself amidst a windfall of personal tragedies right after the contest finished and never submitted it. So here is it!

Tute coming soon…


alway have, always will.

I have always been a little crafty. Some would say very crafty. I love to craft. I love to try something new. I have frequently experience  short lived, crush of sorts on different crafting techniques. Some times the crush turns to life long love like with paper crafting. Others like fimo clay last only a few weeks. Follow me for the ups and downs of teenage like ‘love’

the next few post will be results of my crafty crushes.