Embroidery Endeavor

I tried embroidery for the first time when Pretty Prudent hosted another great contest “Use Your Words” Its not hard but very time consuming and kinda hurt my hands. Not a hate but not in love.

Heres the guidelines:

The Contest: You + Words + Needle + Thread = Embroidery Joy. 
Use embroidered text or font anyway you see fit to adorn a fabric item in a creative way. Use letters to create something as short as a monogram or as long as a novel. Embroider by machine or by hand on any item you want, from samplers to bags to sheets to clothes to whatever your crafty mind can dream up. Just make sure you “use your words” somewhere on your project. We will collect all of your droolicious entries and our panel of judges will select a winner!

I went out and bought a huge pack of embroidery floss and did a ton of research on embroidery technique. I made two projects.

The firs,t a kite for my daughters nursery. The words I used are from Mary Poppins, one of my favorite movies as a kid. “Let’s go fly a kite.”


The second project was a set of faux mirrors for my craft room. the center one said “Who’s the craftiest of them all?” I cant find a picture of the end result but when I do I will post it.


They turned out amazing. I didn’t win but it was fun. it turned out to be a definite crafty crush. It was exciting for the duration of the project but this was May 2011 and I haven’t embroidered again. Nope, haven’t picked up a embroidery needle in literally years. Needless to say I didn’t fall for it.


Sweet on Paper

A couple of years ago,  Pretty Prudent (then Prudent Baby) held a paper crafting contest, giving away a fancy Brother Printer. “Sweet on Paper” Contest. I love Pretty Prudent they are one of my favorite blogs and as I said Paper is my favorite craft medium. This contest is perfect for me.

The Contest: You + Sweet Treats + Paper= Crafty Goodness. Use pretty paper in anyway you see fit to adorn or package a baked good, candy, or other sweet treat. Print, cut, tape, glue, mod podge, and embellish to your heart’s content. We will collect all of your droolicious entries and our growing panel of all-star judges will select a winner!

I got a little crazy and created a few (okay, several) entries.

First, the Nest Place Card. This got me second place and my first Silhouette machine! I used these for Easter dinner. They are card stock shredded and then wrapped around a pencil. I left it wrapped over night then hot glued it to a circle of coordinating paper. On easter I filled them with little egg candies and a little flags with the guests names and happy easter on a little tooth pick flag.



Second, the barn treat box. I made these for a farm themed baby shower. I also made a cake and matching cookies (I will share later). They are plastic baby food containers wrapped with paper. This was in the top ten and they were a big hit at the shower too.



Third, Dorothy the Gold fish treat bags. I made these as favors for a friends daughter’s Elmo themed birthday. I made the fish bowl to fold over a plastic baggie then sewed around the edge and cut off the extra. The top was still resealable! So fun!



Third, the ring box was “Last fling before the ring’ bachelorette party favors with Ring Pops.



Forth, cookies for a tea party.




Fifth, trick miniature picnic lunch for my hubby’s April Fool’s gift. I told my hubby on April 1st that I had packed him a lunch and it was in the car. This was waiting for him in the front seat.

It was made with another plastic baby food container. I wove the paper shreds and then wrapped the box. Filled it with my hubby’s favorite food shaped gummies. So cute, right?



Last, my personal favorite. Bake Sale labels. I hade cut the vintage stove with an Exacto knife. I used them later for a birthday and a house warming gift.

IMG_1247GE DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_1180 copyIMG_1256IMG_1290IMG_1288


See? I got a bit carried away. What can I say? I love me some paper!

As I said I got 2nd place for the Nest Place Cards and placed a couple other times. So I didn’t win the printer but was unexpectedly awarded my first Silhouette machine! It changed my life. Seriously.