Put a Serger in my Stocking Contest Entry

Pretty Prudent had a socking contest two years ago. Put a Serger in my Stocking was a fun and festive holiday crafting contest. 

Heres the guidelines:

Create the winning Christmas stocking using knit fabric in some way and you will find a Brother 523 PRW Serger under the tree. Use jersey (even old t-shirts!) to create braids, fringe, trim, patches or even an entire quilted stocking! Take a look at our stocking tutorials like the Patchwork Baby Onesie Christmas Stocking and Jaime’s Quilted Stocking (with free pattern) or maybe our Granny Square Stocking or Super Last Minute Felt Stockingwill inspire your creation. Just remember to incorporate knit/jersey fabric! Stay tuned as we post more knit stocking tutorials over the next week! Visit Sewing with Knits 101 for a refresher course and jump into designing the winning entry. You’ve got this! We will collect all of your droolicious entries and our panel of judges will select a winner!


I jumped right in reusing my hubby’s work shirts from his time at Apple Inc. These are my ‘droolicious’ entries!

First a traditional red and white stocking with a little non-traditional ruching. I used my ruffling foot on my sewing machine and sewed a tube then finished the toe and added the white top to fold over.

 IMG_0767 IMG_0762


The other, a pocket stocking. I made a stocking and then added different size pockets. I think its perfect for a teen age girl. Put the big stuff in the stocking then the little stuff that usually gets lost. I loved this stocking! 

IMG_0724 IMG_0731 IMG_0733


I didn’t win but I did have some cute stockings to show for my work!