Falling for Polymer Clay – Bow Necklace Tutorial

After writing about polymer clay the other day I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I have SO much clay. I either need to use it or sell it to make room for crafts I love. Like I said I love the medium. It easy to work with and the possibilities are endless. My problem was the possibilities I could come up with we’re kinda useless. So I’ve been racking my brain what could make and love? What could I make that others will love? Maybe even sell? Today I wanted to get started on some gifts for my good friend baby girl. I have lots of time but who can resist making tiny baby bows? I thought I’d try a new, easier route and use my Silhouette to cut a 3D bow out of fabric. Then out of no where it hit me. Make the bows out of polymer clay! Duh!

So my crafting epiphany lead to my first tutorial on Crafting Crush.

Start off cutting a pattern. I used my Silhouette. I picked the 3D bow and cut it in a few sizes. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted nor what I was going to do with these bows. I chose to use the 2.5″ and 2″ width patterns. If you dont have a Silhouette you can find patterns here and here.


Then pick a color (or a few) of clay and work them up. It was taking about longer than I had the patience for so I popped the balls of clay I the microwave for 20 seconds. Perfect. Then I cranked it through my super nifty pasta maker to flatten it out. Sure I could have rolled it out but the pasta maker ensures a perfect, consistent thickness every time. Love it!


Once the clay is nice and flat, place the pattern and carefully cut around it with an Exacto knife.


The pattern calls for folding in the bow flaps.


I used a clay tool to press the flaps down in the middle.


Then fold down the middle flap and press it down on the side. It will need to be smoothed out a bit after it was pressed so it looks nice.


At the last second I decided to pierce little holes (or hole) for jump rings.


It’s ready for the oven. 10-20 minutes at 275 degrees.


I rummaged through my jewelry box for broken necklaces and orphaned chains. This is the result.IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1392 IMG_1399

The last one was another experiment. I got a woodgrain embossing plate with my polymer clay haul and thought I’d try it out. the tree design needs some tweaking. I think this has lit a flame in my crafty little heart. I’ve fallen for polymer again!


Playing Around with Polymer Clay

After an spending the whole of my daughters afternoon nap perusing Etsy I got an itch to try miniature polymer clay foods. Weird itch, eh? Basically I decided “Hey I can do that!” After a very quick craigslist search I found a lady looking to unload a sizable collection of polymer clay and jewelry making tools. $25 sounds reasonable. I met her and its an entire moving box of stuff! I got a pasta maker (for flattening the clay uniformly), lots of molds and cutters, and over $150 worth of clay. Great deal. As soon as I get home I dive right in.

I was pregnant at the time (thus the impulse buying) though I didnt know the sex I had set my mind on a “Cutie Pie” themed shower. I was going to sever various kids of pie and it was going to be adorable. Part of the plan was to serve milk in champagne glasses so for glass markers I wanted to make a variety of pie slices. These are the result:

IMG_1524 IMG_1525IMG_1532IMG_1535

I have to say they were super duper fun. I really enjoyed the medium and learned some fun new techniques. I this this crush could easily turn to love if I could find something useful to do with polymer clay. I dont really care for the polymer jewelry look and what in the world do you do with little clay statutes? I could make tons of wine glass markers but come on I only need so many. Any other suggestions? I got the stuff. What else could I do with it?


BTW I didn’t have the “Cutie Pie” shower of my dreams but I did have a small, adorable “Milk and Cookies’ shower.