Falling for Washi Tape- Washi Popsicle People Tutorial

All the hype about washi tape has definitely peaked my interest. So I pinned a few projects and ordered 6 small rolls from this Etsy store. Then just a few weeks ago I won 16 more rolls in a Facebook giveaway from StickerShop! Look at this little stash!


I started off using my stash for closing envelopes and decorating gift wrapping. Once I was a little ore familiar with it I realized washi is a less sticky than I expected and by no means permanent. With that in mind I set off to find my first big washi project. I found this on Pinterest byTeaWagon Tales


She calls them Lolly Dollies! Adorable right? My little one loves homemade goodies so I decided to go for it.
These are super easy! This is what you need…


Start off with a large, blank Popsicle stick (aka tongue depressor). Mine had a ‘better’ side. One side the markers bleed really bad. The smoother of the two sides worked best.

Draw on the face and hair. I made my faces about a half inch tall.


Then pick a washi pattern and apply your shirt. I cut a cute neckline.


Choose and apply your bottoms. I choose to wrap the washi around the stick in hopes it would stay better. In this case my bottoms were shorts and I cut out a little wedge for the legs. (EDIT: wrapping didn’t really make a difference in fact the wrapped part peeled up a bit)




Once the clothes are finished. Use a thin Sharpie to fill in the neck and shoulders, then the legs. I also added a few other little things like straps and flip flops. Some of the popsicle people have necklaces, buttons, collars,and pockets. Just use your imagination.


After all the decorating was done, I coated both sides with a thin coat of Mod Podge then set out to dry.
I used gloss because that’s what I had on hand. Next time I will get some matte or just use Elmer’s. The gloss is a little sticky feeling.



Voila! Washi Popsicle People! So cute! My daughter was confused on why there were only girls so I guess I’ll start on a group of boys!


Washi is very versatile. Since this project I have made a few cards and other little projects. I’m definitely hooked! Have you tried washi tape? What are some of your favorite projects?


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